Agricultural accounting software

Cashbook allows farmers to create budgets, reports and plan for different scenarios to improve business decisions. It handles cashbook, payroll duties, STP requirements and provides a complete overview of your farm’s finances.

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Cashbook Standard

Cashbook Standard meets your business needs by providing easy-to-use transaction recording, cashflow reporting and BAS completion.

Cashbook Connect

Cashbook Connect helps manage the complexity of multiple operations, payroll, superannuation obligations and investments.

Cashbook Platinum

Cashbook Platinum provides the single solution for large, multi-site businesses.

Cashbook, tailored financial management solutions to fit any size operation.

There are many financial transaction software packages available today. Most of them take a one-size-fits-all approach to your business. Cashbook fits the need of the small to medium farm and rural business by making it easy to manage the things that are relevant to your business whether that is claiming Fuel Tax credits, submitting your BAS, processing GST or seeing your livestock or graining trading accounts. Cashbook provides you a product and pricing option that fits you and your business. 

Accounting And Tax

Stay compliant to keep the cash flow flowing and tackle tax time effortlessly with our latest tax tools to make life easy for you and your business.

Scale, adapt and grow

Grow confidently with a solution that allows you to upgrade as your business gorws – Cashbook understands your business needs.

Trading accounts

Trading Accounts - provide a unique way of maintaining full trading accounts in your accounting systems without the need for complex journal entries and stock adjustments.

Employees & Payroll

Become the ulimate prayroll bookkeeper and efficiently managing leave, superannuation, and crucial payroll tasks, all centralised in one platform.

Confident decisions

No matter the challenges, Cashbook enables timely and informed decision-making for your business with our easy to use reports, tools and calculators.

testimonial | Rosemary Hook

Rosemary Hook runs a sheep property, producing fine wool, near Cowra, NSW. She took over from her parents in 2002. Rosemary’s long-standing relationship with Practical Systems began when she started using the company’s Cashbook software, following a recommendation from a friend.

Using Cashbook helped her manage both her own books and the farm’s accounts. Rosemary subsequently used it to also manage her parents’ financial affairs when they were no longer able to do so themselves. When switching to Practical Systems software, Rosemary felt much more in control of her accounts; “The reports that the software generated were more appealing. They were really simple, they made sense and they kept all my accounts in one place. It was all really straightforward.”

“Cashbook has given me control over my business accounts for many years, and Practical Systems Super is now giving me that same level of control over my SMSF and financial future,” she said.

For Small Businesses


One Business
Free For Accountants
Free Online Storage
CSV Transaction Import
Basic Reports
Unlimited Support
$ 36 .00
$ 405 .00
For Medium Businesses


Multiple Businesses
Free For Accountants
Free Online Storage
Free Hosting
Free Bank Feeds
Annual Trading Accounts
STP2 Payroll
SuperStream Compliant
Basic Budeting
Investment/Items Register
Manage Standard Reports
Unlimited Support
$ 66 .80
$ 749 .00
For Larger Businesses


Multiple Businesses
Free for Accountants
Free Online Storage
Free Hosting
Free Bank Feeds
Monthly Trading Accounts
STP2 Payroll Enabled
SuperStream Compliant
Advanced Budgeting
Investment/Item Register
Advanced Reports
Unlimted Support
$ 103 .40
$ 1209 .00