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Individual Animal Management

Duncan Lance
Manager, Cressbook Merinos

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We will be in the Durack Pavillion
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Financial Management

Katrina Bloomfield
Owner, Karori Pastoral Co Pty Ltd

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Northern Tablelands Wether Trial

Jim Meckiff
Sheep Business Manager, Allflex

Practical Software

Making simple decisions in a complex environment

PS Stockbook

PS Stockbook

Individual Livestock Software that will link with your eID scales & readers.
PS Cashbook Plus!

PS Cashbook

A simple accounting program for the business owner and accountant.
PS Farmbook

PS Farmbook

Manage all farm records, including mob movements and enterprise costs.
PS FarmMap

PS FarmMap

Ideal for property planning and future farm development.

Farming and Financial Software

Building small business and agricultural software since 1992.

We are the only software company that delivers management, production and accounting solutions that address the four components of any farm business, being:

  • Business management
  • Livestock management
  • Farm management
  • Farm planning

It is our primary goal to build the capacity for our clients to recognise and take advantage of opportunities when they present.

How do our clients take those opportunities:

  • Have up to date and accurate information
  • Use that information to effectively budget and plan

Our staff and directors bring a unique combination of IT development skills, accounting, business, and importantly, agricultural skills to deliver business solutions that build farm profitability and sustainability.

Our software collects your data and analyses it to provide you with information that:

  • Shows you which parts of your business are the most profitable – and why
  • Makes it simple to manage your finances and your livestock
  • Helps your farm planning by mapping and costing your property’s operations – and test-drive improvements

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Who we work with

Latest News

19 Jan 2015
Shorthorn Beef - Summer 2014/15 With all the information you need to make informed choices for your business at your fingertips, Practical Systems can help make the most out of  your breeding data. Continue reading...

21 Dec 2014
Practical Systems Summer 2014 The consistent feedback I receive when I ask customers about what they expect from a software provider is accessible and reliable customer support. I am confident to say that the customer support service we offer meets and exceeds these expectations, it... Continue reading...

15 Sep 2014
Practical Systems Winter 2014 I have a very simple answer when people ask “why Stockbook?”; it’s simply good business. In a commercial sense it is good business to manage the inventory on your balance sheet. Do you know how many animals you... Continue reading...

23 Jan 2013
Practical Systems Summer 2013 One cannot make a comment about Regional and Rural Australia without making an observation on the weather. Here in the New England spring has passed us by and we are facing the challenge of a dry... Continue reading...

What Clients Say

Lachlan Campbell

There are few farmers more knowledgeable of Practical Systems’ PS Cashbook Platinum program than Wellington grazier and PS Cashbook trainer, Lachlan Campbell. While he acknowledges that the Advanced PS Cashbook...

Lachlan Campbell

Fraser James

Using a combination of accounting and individual animal software from Practical Systems, Fraser James can confidently make the right management decisions for his farming enterprise at Guy Fawkes Station,...

Fraser James

Ben & Wendy Mayne

The rise and accuracy of estimated breeding values (EBVs) for beef cattle has meant more and more breeding decisions are made using figures. For Ben and Wendy Mayne, “Doongara”, Warialda,...

Ben & Wendy Mayne

Krissi Kuhn

After collecting all manner of data from beef cattle since 1996, Coolah’s Krissi Kuhn knows only too well the importance of having a streamlined data management system. “For us, it’s...

Krissi Kuhn