Jenny Levy

Jenny Levy

I first heard about Cashbook Connect for Small Business through my accountant. I was just working with a spreadsheet and my accountant wanted me to use an accounting program. I was reluctant to buy a program that had more than I needed. We were looking for something that was simple and easy to use.

When I started trialling Cashbook Connect I loved it straight away. The accountant and I often talk about how good the product is.

We run a very small business and don’t need to use payroll or invoicing. I think Cashbook Connect does just what I’m looking for. It’s got just the functionality I need.

Private and business expense calculations are done for you, and the program will tell you if you do something wrong.

I can do bank reconciliations in less than five minutes. I just really like the way it does the BAS, and the reports are very easy to follow. The codes are really easy to set up; and our accountant is happy with the reports I give to him.

I’m only on the most basic version of Cashbook Connect but I really like the fact you have a product you can grow with. If I took on employees or needed something for invoices all it would take is a phone call and I could just go up a level.

I tend to do most of my work once a quarter. Once I start doing the books it only takes me half a day for three months work.

I don’t even print out my reports anymore, I just save them as a PDF and then they are always there for me to go back to.

It doesn’t take as long to perform my obligations to the tax office, it is easy to have a professional BAS and I think the tax office would look at it in a different light too.

I really like the support I get, not that I need to use it that often – the program is just really easy to work with. I rarely have to use support because the product just runs itself.

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