Fiona Cameron

Fiona Cameron

When Fiona Cameron first established Koonik Dohne Stud, she was attracted to traceability of the Dohne breed.

“The Dohne Association has always been on the forefront of electronic identification, Dohnes are the most accurate breed of sheep for ASBVs in the world. So the data has to be accurate,” she said.

“Before using Stockbook I kept our data in an Excel document but as our stud grew we needed something better suited to our requirements. Stockbook enables me to not only collect the information, but to actually use it.”

Stockbook has provides Fiona with a solution that grows with her requirements, enabling her to add to the software as her budget grows.

“There’s always more I can do and I am constantly learning something new,” Fiona said.

“Stockbook caters for all our recording needs. It is so easy to import our ASBVs and exporting reports for Sheep Genetics is a breeze.

“Time is money and using Stockbook saves me both time and money. The beauty of the software is it cuts out the errors, Stockbook cross-checks the data you are entering and fixes it before it becomes a problem.”

Fiona now finds it easy to manage her stud and has found Stockbook very useful when showing her stud animals to potential buyers.

 “With Practical Systems you are getting more than just software. I wanted a company where I could ask the simple questions and get a simple answer back.  The people on the other end of the phone can relate to you and could fix any issues you needed help with.”

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