Barry Lang

Barry Lang

I originally went to Stockbook because I was moving to EID and needed a program that could handle this and could make use of the additional information that can be collected because it is easier to do with EID.

One of the reasons for choosing Stockbook was because I had only heard good things about Practical Systems. They have been in the industry for a long period and their reputation for support was good.

As I have used Stockbook over the past few years I have found the support team at Practical Systems to be of the highest order. They are always only a phone call away and if I have more detail queries emails are used. In particular Andrew Donahue has been an excellent support and mentor. Andrew has spent countless hours helping and demonstrating different aspects of Stockbook. Andrew has gone out of his way to help, he has spent a lot of time to understand my needs and has translated that back to those developing the program for members of Sheep Genetics.

One of the big advantages I have found with Practical Systems is the Data Warehouse online. On numerous occasions Andrew or the support team have had access to my data to help me along the way. The other thing that has been great is Team Viewer where Andrew or one of the support team have been able to see my screen while they are in the office in Armidale.

I am still with Practical Systems because Andrew has been very patient, they have excellent support and they have been willing to continue to develop the program to suit the needs of Sheep Genetics users and they are not a one man band.


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