Testimonial - Stockbook®

Hazeldean - Litchfield Family
Cooma, New South Wales

Tell me about your business.

Hazeldean Pty Ltd is a pastoral enterprise owned and operated by the Litchfield family of Cooma since 1865. The company specialises in the production of superior seedstock for the beef and wool industries and is one of the oldest and largest merino and Angus cattle studs in Australia. It encompasses Hazeldean Merinos and Hazeldean Angus. Hazeldean is a world leader in the use of measured performance and prides itself on the quality and longevity of the animals that are bred.

How did you find out about Practical Systems?

We had been recommended to use Practical Systems, Stockbook® software by another producer. 

Why did you choose Practical Systems?

Practical Systems was recommended as the best livestock management program for both sheep and cattle enterprises.

What do you like about their software?

  • The ability to customise reports via csv.
  • The software enables us to capture detailed data.
  • The time-saving ability to utilise the software in yards feature, Stockbook® Live.
  • The streamlined data submission to Breedplan and SheepGenetics. 

What improvements have been made to your business since using Practical Systems?

Our business and process have improved immensely. We are more efficient when it comes to collecting data which means the data we collect is more accurate as it takes out human error. 

How does the software help with communicating with other entities like breed societies?

Stockbook® correctly formates all the relevant data in the correct file type, which is accepted by breed societies and sheep genetics; this is a huge help. 

What has your experience with Practical Systems been like?

Our experience with Practical Systems has been very positive. They have an excellent support process and are always willing to listen to industry feedback and make changes to their software.

What do you like about the support provided by Practical Systems?

Their support is excellent; you can always talk to someone without waiting for ages. 

Why would you recommend Practical Systems to other beef producers?

We would recommend Stockbook® because the support is excellent, and the software is a very good data collection and recording program for producers. 

What benefits have you seen in your business from using Stockbook®?

Being able to create our sale catalogues within the program ensures the data printed and collected is more accurate, and it’s an efficient way of producing the catalogue. 

Using the software creates a streamlined data recording process for our business which creates time efficiencies for our us.

Pictured, Bea and Jim Litchfield

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