Testimonial - Stockbook®

Cree Pastoral Company - Shaun and Jo McGuigan
Thangool, Queensland

Tell me about your business.

Cree Santa Gertrudis stud was established in the year 2000, after being a commercial operation since 1928. Cree has an on-property bull sale and has 300 registered stud females and has a 4 1/2 star rating for performance recording.

How did you find out about Practical Systems?

We were introduced to Practical Systems and reviewed their livestock management software Stockbook® at Beef Australia 2000 in Rockhampton, QLD.

Why did you choose Practical Systems?

We decided to become a customer of Practical Systems because they developed software that was suited to agricultural businesses similar to ours.

What do you like about their software?

We found that software was the most user-friendly software program available on the market that suited our business needs. 

What improvements have been made to your management since using Practical Systems?

All of our animals are recorded in Stockbook®. We do most of our data capture in the Live Entry, which saves us time as it is entered into the software directly at the yards, and this reduces the risk of errors within our data.

How does the software help with communicating with other entities like breed societies?

All of our calf recordings, DNA samples and BREEDPLAN submissions are all submitted electronically using Stockbook®. This reduces the risk of submitting data incorrectly.

What has your experience been like?

It was evident how efficient the program was when we passed our LPA and EU audits in expedient time. Stockbook® made the almost impossible job of reconciling the NLIS database very easy.

What do you like about the support provided by Practical Systems?

The Practical Systems support team, especially Rob for Stockbook® and Liz for Cashbook® is outstanding. We use the software to its full capability, and the Practical Systems team are very helpful with their support.

Stockbook® and the support team have made life so much easier as it also creates our bull sale catalogue each year.

Why would you recommend Practical Systems to other beef producers?

We have recommended the software to numerous producers over the years because we trust the software.  

What benefits have you seen in your business from using Stockbook®?

It has benefited our business as it has the capability to store many years of data and pedigrees of our animals past and current. This provides us with the ability to select for better performers or cull for less desirable animals within our herd. 

Pictured, The Cree Pastoral Team

Pictured, Shaun & Jo McGuigan

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