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Bassett Cattle Co - Barclay and Amelia Bassett
Augathella, Queensland

Tell me about your business.

We run a livestock operation, trading cattle from our properties in Roma, Morven and Augathella in QLD. 

How did you find out about Practical Systems?

We had been looking for the right software system for a while and discovered Practical Systems at Beef 2018 in Rockhampton, QLD. 

Why did you choose Practical Systems?

Stockbook® offered by Practical Systems sounded like the best fit for our business. It was able to provide an easy interface for data collection and retention. Most importantly, it could produce reports that forecasted data and predicted outcomes on individual animals within our herd. This ability gave us a more accurate representation of the performance of our cattle within the business.

What do you like about their software?

We find the software easy to use and understand. We have never had any connection issues when we link up to other data devices. We also value how the software can be used offline and doesn’t need an internet connection for us to use the software. 

Using Stockbook® and having the ability to create and develop personalised reports has been a significant benefit for us also. 

How does the software add value to your business?

We can forecast weight projections using actual and historical weight gains to give us accurate measures of future performance. This allows us to be more precise in budgeting, supplementary feeding programs, time management and task allocation. 

What has your experience been like?

Our experience has been second to none.

What do you like about the support provided by Practical Systems?

The support team are very personable and always willing to answer our questions and help us out when we are lost. Rob is great!!

Why would you recommend Practical Systems to other beef producers?

Stockbook® is the best tailor-made system for our enterprise we could find. Having the ability to create, change and adopt new reports to suit our business practices is something that is hard to find in a software program. The team never back away from a challenge. 

What benefits have you seen in your business from using Stockbook®?

Being able to record the NLIS PIC Identification of an animal allows us to manage and track the performance of that animal over its lifetime. This is important for any trading enterprise.

For example, If you are buying a group of animals consistently from a specific supplier, having the ability to track the NLIS PIC of those animals allows you to determine and manage the value of those animals you purchase. 

Secondly, being able to produce projected and forecasted reports is probably the most powerful yet simple tool we use on a daily occurrence. 

Stockbook Customer

Pictured, Barclay Bassett.

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