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Recently we advised you of an upgrade which unfortunately resulted in some customers having some minor issues with a range of functions. This new release essentially fixes and resolves these issues which occurred.

We highly recommend upgrading your software to ensure that you are on the latest version of Stockbook. (Version 2021.2.11.18)

Stockbook release notes for version: 2021.2.11.18 released on the 17th November 2021.

Bug Fixes

  • A major issue with how long it takes to Sync Stockbook has been rectified. 
  • Master CSV file export for Sheep producers has been fixed.
  • A warning message “No lookup table specified” when in Live Entry has been resolved.
  • An issue with exporting reports to a PDF or CSV file has been fixed. 
  • You can now change the status of an animal as “unallocated”.
  • The reconciliation reports have been 
  • We fixed a few minor issues with the Stock Return Report.
  • A minor issue with the way the colour and horn status were appearing has been solved.
  • A bug that occurred when doing a multi-add has been fixed. 
  • When doing a BreedPlan Joinings/ Fate Exports and selecting Mating Data with a joining period, the report picks up all the commercial cattle as well as the stud cattle. This has now been resolved and only the stud cattle are being reported. 

Stockbook release notes for version: 2021.2.11.9 released on the 9th November 2021.

This release includes a significant change to the Stock Return report, you can now run this report using “Livestock Classes”. In addition, we also have some minor changes and bug fixes within Stockbook®.

Major Changes

  • We have redeveloped the Stock Return report. – Click Here
  • Sheep producers now have the ability to submit DNA test requests to Intertek. – Click Here
  • Customers that use Stockhand® will notice we have resolved issues in the following areas.
    • Paddock Movements
    • Recording products and batch numbers when doing treatments.
    • Recording a disposal reason
    • Ending joinings for livestock in Mobs and Paddocks.
    • Create mothering up sessions for livestock in Mobs and Groups.

Minor Changes

  • You can now assign bulk changes to fleece data stage codes (EPW, W or PW) – Click Here
  • Sheep Genetics ASBV file that contains the new reproduction traits are now visible in Stockbook. 
  • The new Sheep Genetics reproduction traits are now available to be exported via CSV and the TSI CSV export option.
  • A minor change in the schema location element in the Sheep Genetics XML file. 
  • When submitting calf registration, the “Horn” and “Colour” status will now export to the Australian Wagyu Association. 
  • Commercial cattle are now excluded in society mating data exports as well as the joining/preg test export to breed societies. 
  • Teamviewer has been updated to the latest version to ensure we can provide customers with fast and accurate support. 

Bug Fixes

  • A minor bug in the multi-add feature has been resolved.
  • We resolved an issue in the Trading report around sorting/grouping by a vendor.
  •  Minor Sync errors have been rectified.
  • The rebuild link data tool in Stockbook has been fixed. 
  • There was a minor issue when producing the stock reconciliation reports.
  • The creation of a new flock has been fixed. 
  • The position of the drop-down menu in the DNA test request screen has been rectified. 
  • Errors in Stockhand relating to iOS (Apple) & Android devices have now been eliminated.