Software licencing policy

Standard Site Licence

A standard site licence is an installation of our software on a computer running a set of data (PS Stockbook, PS Cashbook etc.) for a farm business. However, it is often the case that a client will want to run the same set of data on more than one computer (office in town, laptop in the yards etc.). The standard site licence can be used on up to three computers via the Backup and Restore system to transfer the data from one computer to the other. The thing to remember with this option is to be aware that every time you restore the data to a computer, the existing data already on that computer is overwritten.

A standard site operates with a single Client ID number and each computer that has the program registered on it will require a separate unlock code.

Multiple Site Licence

A multiple site licence is a licence purchased by a Company or Corporate organisation that wishes to install a software program at more than one property or location. Each installation will run a set of data for that location and will require a separate Client Id number and unlock code. As with the standard site licence above, a site in a multiple site licence situation may have the program installed on more than one computer. The same caution concerning backing up and restoring data applies.

To facilitate the transfer of animals from property to property in a multiple site installation of PS Stockbook, there is a capability within the program to backup and restore subsets of animals and their history.

A substantial discount may apply for a Multiple Site Licence depending on the number of installations purchased. Please contact Practical Systems for further details.

Network Installations

There are special network versions of the PS Stockbook and PS Cashbook Plus! programs for a site where it is desirable to operate on a Local Area Network. Please contact Practical Systems for further information and a full set of instructions for installing a network version.

Network versions do not incur any additional charges over standard programs.

Classroom Control System

The Practical Systems Classroom Control System (CCS) has been designed to give Instructors and Teachers control over the operation of PS Farmbook and PS FarmMap programs in a networked classroom environment. The system is designed to be very flexible and will operate in any college computer classroom where computers are networked to a windows type server.

CCS has many benefits for both instructor and student alike:

  • Single instructor installation for setting up and controlling student access via a Teacher CCS screen
  • All student data is located on the network server for data safety and easy restoring to the classroom computers
  • All student data is relocated to the network server for data safety and easy backup at the completion of each session
  • Classroom computers have password protection to control student access to data
  • Students have flexibility to use any computer and any combination of programs through a simple to use Student CCS screen

A detailed set of instructions is available to install and operate a Classroom Control System. Also, the Classroom Control System, and the installation licences required to setup computers in a teaching laboratory, does incur charges in addition to the site licence for the program. Please refer to Practical Systems for details.

Web Base Licence – Agrispheretm

Agrisphere is a web enabled system for Corporate or Group database users of PS Stockbook where there is a need to consolidate data to a centralised location for supply chain or other management purposes.

Individual sites can also be configured to share none, some, or all data with other sites. This allows all the data from a number of farms, for example, to be consolidated into a head-office copy of PS Stockbook. As with any other site, Head Office can therefore be configured to not share any changes it makes with any of the individual farms.

Operation of the Agrispheretm system is very simple as the individual sites operates on a standard installation of the program with a simple menu option, followed by password-protected login, being all that is required to effect a two way synchronisation of the data between the site and the web database.

For more information, and pricing on Agrispheretm, please contact Practical Systems.

Definition of a Site Licence

To be considered a site licence, the installation must be using the same set of data, operate on a single Client ID number and the trading name must be the same as the initial registration.

An installation that does not fit this Site Licence definition will be deemed a new installation and the purchase of a full copy of the program will apply.