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Delivering practical technology for agriculture and business

With more than 25 years in business Practical Systems offers the technology and business solutions to help make sure you spend your time on the important work on the place, reducing your time on office work and helping make sure your livestock records are in good order.

Solutions for bookkeeping & financial management

Practical Systems Cashbook provides a simple, desktop based solution to your bookkeeping and transaction management. With built-in functions to help claim Fuel Tax Credits, manage your BAS and track livestock or grain inventories, Cashbook puts all your business data at your fingertips.


Solutions for livestock management

Practical Systems livestock management solutions save you time and increase your returns by enabling you to decide whether individual animals are meeting your performance objectives. Our Stockbook platform and related products give real-time data collection and reporting to let you respond to changing market conditions.

In addition we can help with analysis of your livestock data and advisory services to unlock the business value embedded in your enterprise.


Solutions for farm operations

Practical Systems offers you another set of hands to help you with the o the jobs you may not be able to get to. Our FarmMap program provides software for geo-spatial mapping and infrastructure management.

Our offering of Maia Grazing software provides you the capability to manage stocking capacity and pasture productivity for sustainable grazing.