Record right, once with PS Stockbook®

Nindooinbah’s Nathanael McGhee is a big fan of recording once.

Nindooinbah is the home of Australia’s Ultrablack and the next Generation Brangus. As a large-scale seed stock producer with up to 3500 head of stud cattle on 8500 acres south of Brisbane, the stud’s pursuit of continuous genetic improvement requires detailed and accurate information to be collected at all times.

In the yards, Nat uses Practical Systems’ Stockbook® to record all weights and treatments. Stockbook® then synchronises with the Agrisphere system ensuring all data, on every device, is completely up-to-date and accessible.

“I’m a big fan of recording it once and PS Stockbook® Agrisphere lets us record information in the yards without having to go back to the office and re-process or import,” Nat said.

“Having real time information at the yards allows us to better manage our herd – and gives information to the people who need to make decisions without having to phone the office.

“Agrisphere provides the right level of access to all users of our information.”

Nat was one of the first owners of Practical Systems’ StockHand app on Android and iOS, which allows users to update and access detailed individual animal information including weights, treatments, animal pedigrees, EBVs and breed society information wherever they happen to be.

“We are in the process of loading the StockHand app onto our smartphones. I see this as a really big step forwards for both the software and our business,” Nat said.

Lawson Angus recommended Practical Systems to Nat 12 years ago when Nindooinbah purchased 650 of their PTIC Angus females. Nat uses AI and ET to maximise the genetic potential of his stud, selecting a few, outstanding females with multi-trait excellence to mate with the best sires available.

“PS Stockbook® is the only software package that provides the level of detail we need for our embryo programs,” Nat said.

“The information is recorded accurately, which also gives us confidence that the data we are submitting to Breedplan is correct.

“We do on-farm research and development trials as well, so PS Stockbook® gives us the ability to easily capture and analyse that information.”

Cross referencing EID provides Nindooinbah with data integrity and accuracy not possible with handwritten notes from tags.

“PS Stockbook® gives us flexibility to analyse information either in standard reports, user defined reports or exported to use in excel or other applications,” Nat said.

“When clients purchase cattle from us we can use the data transfer utility and have them setup with all the data quickly.

“With PS Stockbook® there is less administration, data is collected more accurately and we can make better ‘informed’ decisions: if you can’t measure it you can’t make a good decision.”