Practical Systems company update

Business as unusual

As we bring this note to you our overwhelming feeling is one of gratitude. Over the last year, we have seen a rolling wave of hardships impact our communities and customers. The news is filled with the latest data on cases and testing and deaths. We try not to forget however, that behind these numbers are the lives of people, friends and families.

Through these times we are deeply grateful for your support to Practical Systems as we continue to serve you and our customers in regional communities across Australia.

Support Changes 

With the advent of the COVID situation, Practical Systems had to make some changes to our business as we went through a period where, as a result of government recommendations and guidelines, our team was asked to work from home.

This brought about a change to our Service and Support structure. This has meant a period where we have had fewer Support staff to manage the phones and help line. We are sorry if this has impacted on wait times and our level of service to you. We know that waiting for a return call can be frustrating when you are looking to get on with things. We are rebuilding the team to improve service levels again and believe that this impact on service will be short lived. As we go through this change we thank you for your patience.

People Changes

Sadly, we have farewelled a number of people in recent months with Chris Hinks, Peter Freak, Tony Ewen and Sam Simpson leaving the company. They all leave us with great memories of their contributions to the business over their time with us. We wish them well in their future endeavours.

We have gladly welcomed Kiera Morcellet to the team and many of you will already have spoken with Kiera as the voice of Practical Systems on our main phone line.