Wendy Griffiths

Office Administrator

Wendy is a local Armidale girl who has been part of the Practical Systems team since April 2009. Prior to this time, Wendy worked as a music teacher in both classroom and individual environments.
Wendy’s role as Office Administrator is as broad as the title. She ensures that everything behind the scenes operates smoothly by assertively encouraging (nagging) everyone else.
Wendy is a birthday and baking enthusiast, insisting on making cakes throughout the year to celebrate birthdays and every other event possible. This consequently led to the Practical Systems Great Weight Debate which failed miserably as the participating staff preferred to eat cake not carrots.
When Wendy is not baking or studying new recipes she plays double bass in two bands, teaches cello, dabbles in gardening, and is striving towards world domination with her family of chickens – Queenie, Hazel, Maple, Lulu, Cupcake, Poe, Agatha and Stella.