Operations Team

Peter Rasmussen

Chief Executive Officer

Peter joined Practical Systems in mid-2018. He has 30 years of business experience from diverse industries in Australia and overseas gained in a range of roles across customer experience, retail marketing, industrial sales and general management.

Rob Powell

Stockbook Consultant

Rob grew up on mixed family farm at Coolah. After it was sold in 1980, he managed properties for a few years and then set up a Livestock contracting business, Coolah Stock Services in 1985, specialising in footrot eradication. Rob moved to Hamilton, Victoria in 1996 to promote the use of a footrot product called Radicate in Victoria, NSW and Tasmania.

Rob moved to Armidale in 2001 when there was a major footrot outbreak in the New England.

Rob was contracted to AWI to develop an alternative to mulesing from 2004 to 2009.

In 2010 he started data management for Stockbook clients and in November 2014 started work as a Stockbook consultant for Practical Systems.

Elizabeth Kauter

Customer Support and Service Manager

Liz started with Practical Systems in May 2017. Liz has a strong affinity with the livestock and agriculture industry coming from a long family involvement in farming and cattle production. Liz manages the crucial Support team which is central to our objective of giving great customer experience.

Luke Franklin

Lead .NET Software Developer and Team Coordinator

Luke joined Practical Systems in March 2014. Luke has experience in running his own web development business and brings this understanding of the online environment to leading the development team in the Practical Systems Super project.