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Practical Systems has been working with clients for more than 25 years to provide businesses, farmers and livestock producers with the intelligence that helps them extract more from their operations. Practical Systems offers technology and service to ensure you are driving your business forward.

Solutions for bookkeeping & financial management

Practical Systems Cashbook range of financial software takes care of your daily administration but also provides advanced functionality to support budgeting, multi-enterprise operations, payroll and enable data sharing between authorised users – including your accountant or financial adviser. For agricultural businesses Cashbook has invaluable trading account functionality to keep track of your production and inventories.


Solutions for livestock management

Understanding whether livestock is performing to breeding and business objectives and the ability to act on decisions is critical in changing markets. Electronic Identification of individual animals combined with Practical Systems data collection and management solutions enables you to monitor genetic, welfare, breeding and weight performance benchmarks to garner insights from your livestock programs – whatever your objective. Stockbook and our supporting hardware offerings put you in control.


Solutions for farm operations

In addition to providing solutions that free up your time, Practical Systems offers you another set of hands to help you with any number of jobs you may not be able to get to. Practical Systems provides software for geo-spatial mapping and pasture management. In addition we can help with management and analysis of your livestock data as well as offering consulting and advisory services to unlock the business value embedded in your enterprise.