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Queensland Training

Our customers are at the heart of our business. We operate in an increasingly global market, but we continue to value our roots and remember to serve our clients’ needs.

We aim to create a customer experience that ensures that our systems, services, advice and support add direct value to their efforts. We understand that our customers have lots of demands on their time so we aim to make sure that dealing with us is easy, trouble-free and integrated to how they do their daily work. If problems arise, we aim to fix them straight away.

Our Stockbook consultant, Rob Powell, is out and about providing training to clients throughout Queensland.  

Macquarie Wagyu is proud of its hard-earned reputation as the ‘Artisans’ of the long feed, lot feeding of ‘the Wagyu’! They have been proudly using Stockbook for many years. 

Additionally, at this time, responding to the current COVID-19 situation and various government directives, Practical Systems is always adhering to all public health directions whilst we support our customers.

To arrange your next training session contact us on 1800 624 688 or email