Interrupted Access to Stockbook® or Stockhand®

Stockbook® and Stockhand® can operate on a stand-alone basis or linked to a web-based database which is called Stockbook Agrisphere®. You may be using this feature to collect or share data across multiple locations or users. You will regularly be ‘Sync-ing’ or synchronising data between devices or sites to initiate this process.
We are upgrading the server so we can continue to provide you with a stable, reliable and efficient service when you synchronise your database. Due to scheduled maintenance, the ‘Sync-ing’ or synchronisation of data between devices will not be available on Saturday, 29th January 2022 between 12.01 am and 11.59 pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time – AEDT). 
This means you will be unable to synchronise Stockbook® or Stockhand® data during this period. Your access to Stockbook and Stockhand will not be impeded and you will still be able to use the software on your local devices in the office or in the yards. Data that is entered into a device during the above time period can be sync-ed after the maintenance period is over. 
If you are entering new data on your local device – smartphone or PC – during this period, we recommend, as an added precaution,  that upon completion of the data collection you back up your data locally or to the Data Warehouse. This data could then be restored later in the event a new synchronisation connection cannot be established. Please contact our Support desk on 1800 624 688 if this happens and before restoring any data.