Individual Livestock Management Software

Stockbook® offers you the livestock intelligence within your operation by turning data into actionable information and insight.

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Create accurate records and have access to that information at your fingertips.

Improved business profitability starts with good quality livestock management software and resulting data. 

Save Time

Connect your eID reader and scales to Stockbook® on your computer to collect and view data in real time or import later, after handling.

Data Transfer

Stay compliant with data integrations between the NLIS or NAIT database, breed societies, Breedplan and Sheep Genetics.

Improve Profit

Leading Stud and Commercial sheep and cattle operators throughout Australia use our reporting functions to make informed decisions regarding their flock or herd.

Genetic Management

Stockbook® helps you manage your herd or flocks genetic performance with inbuilt DNA reporting functionality.

Crush-side decisions

Stockbook® Live Entry enables you to collect data and make effective selection decisions while in the yards.  Stockbook® helps you manage Animal welfare, growth, reproduction and genetics.  Select performing animals.  Remove those animals that don’t fit.

Capturing identification and performance data is simple.  Our software integrates with all major weigh scale indicators and EID readers and drafters. 

Hardware to streamline your yard experience

Stockbook® and Live Entry enable you to collect and view data on your animals in real-time. With a range of data collection options, Stockbook® helps you manage genetic performance, fertility, weight gain and other performance measures so you can identify less productive stock.

Practical Systems offers a range of additional hardware to support the collection of animal data. This extends to:

  • eID readers
  • Weigh scales and load bars
  • Bluetooth Adapters
  • Treatment systems
  • Accessories
Gallagher TSi - Live Entry Screen Sample

Individual Livestock management app

PS Stockhand links with our livestock management software PS Stockbook®,
enabling you to have detailed individual animal information at your fingertips
in an easy-to access app on your phone or tablet.

Access any of your required animal information from your PS Stockbook® data stored
in the cloud. Simply select an animal and view information such as weight history,
joinings, progeny, pedigree, EBV’s/ASBV’s and paddock movements.

  • Access your livestock data on your mobile devices.
  • Simplify herd management while on the go.
  • Integrates with Bluetooth RFID readers and weight indicators.

Online reporting function

Our online reporting functionality allows you to run and view reports via a web browser. 

Using the online reports function means you can also view previously run reports, re-run a report and delete previously run reports.

Stockbook® offers you the livestock intelligence within your operation by turning data into actionable information and insight.

The Stockbook® reporting functionality seamlessly syncs your data to generate performance reports which allows you to make effective management decisions on your herd or flock. 

Recorded animals using Stockbook®

What our customers say...

Practical Systems has been working with producers for over 25 years. Offering them trusted advice to apply technology solutions to the agriculture industry.

“Stockbook® is user friendly and its vast ability made it the obvious choice for us. Having all our programs with Practical Systems is just logical,” Richard said.

Previously, Richard had used pen and paper in the yards to collect weights and transferred the information to spreadsheets in the office, a system that was “almost manageable but fraught with danger”.

“Now we are really utilising Stockbook® for daily weight gains and projecting our animals’ performance going forward, plus with the other reports and functions we can see how worthwhile it is to our business.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending Practical Systems to other producers.”

Richard Daugherty, NSW

Start efficiently collecting livestock data and making management decisions today

Not only can Practical Systems offer you the solutions to help you manage today’s business performance, but we’re also there to collaborate with you to drive your business forward.

Stockbook® along with Live Entry and our extensive reporting functionality enables you to collect and view data on your animals in real-time to make intelligent management decisions.

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