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Practical Systems and Herefords Australia announce market partnership.

Practical Systems and Herefords Australia announce market partnership.

Practical Systems of Armidale, New South Wales has served regional Australia as a trusted provider of livestock management technology solutions for more than 25 years.  

Herefords Australia Limited is the peak industry organisation representing the interests of Hereford producers across the country.

Today, we are pleased to announce a market partnership between these two great livestock industry organisations.

The relationship aims to support the next wave of best-practice, digital technology adoption by Hereford producers. The agreement will support promoting the benefits of individual livestock management practices enabled by enriched data collection. Collecting relevant data from our livestock provides the foundation for better informed management decisions. It also facilitates ready transfer of important genomic data between Neogen Australia, Herefords Australia and member producers.

“We are delighted to announce this Partnership with Herefords Australia,” says Peter Rasmussen, CEO, Practical Systems Limited.

“We look forward to supporting Herefords Australia members in achieving their management and performance objectives in both seedstock and commercial herds. We want to work closely with the team at Herefords Australia and the producers to ensure we are adding value to the breed and the industry.”

Andrew Donoghue, the General Manager of Herefords Australia has embraced this partnership agreement.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Practical Systems,” says Andrew.

“It means that Hereford Australia members now have access to cutting edge DNA testing technology through the use of tissue sampling along with genomically enhanced breeding values. This collaboration with Practical Systems will help with the accuracy of genomic data collection and accuracies in BREEDPLAN EBV’s within the Hereford breed.”

“Fully utilising herd recording software such as Stockbook integrated with weigh scales, and electronic tag readers allow fast, efficient, and accurate recording of all weights, traits and DNA information associated with breeding Hereford cattle. DNA tests can now be requested using Stockbook. This process allows our members to easily select the animals to be tested, along with the required DNA tests. Using the DNA test request function in the software prevents errors from manually recording of livestock ids and tests. We hope to pave the way to tackle industry challenges such as these into the future.”     

Peter and Deanne Sykes of Mawarra Genetics are both Practical Systems Limited clients and members of Herefords Australia.

“We have been using Practical Systems Stockbook program for our animal record keeping since 2001,” says Deanne.

“All of the data submissions that Herefords Australia and Hereford BREEDPLAN require are exported directly from Stockbook. The addition of a Stockbook touch screen indicator (TSI) has enabled us to collect data at the cattle yards directly into the software. This practice minimises the risk of error, increasing the accuracy of the data and the efficiency of the process by reducing the data entry time.”

“The team at Practical Systems offer excellent support; their staff are approachable, knowledgeable and keen to assist us to make the best use of the program’s capabilities which then overall assist us in making better management decisions within our herd.”  

Practical Systems highlight the sheer volume of data and new technologies penetrating the agricultural  market, and say the onus is now on the producers within the beef industry to ensure the accuracy of data and information across the sector.

“Producers need to embrace and implement these innovative new technologies seamlessly and effectively,” says Peter.

“The partnership agreement between Herefords Australia and Practical Systems aims to demystify these technologies, enabling ease of adoption and revolutionising the industry to become more technologically savvy. This then reduces the change of errors due to manual data collection methods and saves time for both association staff and producers submitting their data.”

For further information regarding Practical Systems and our livestock management products and services, please contact Practical Systems on 1800 624 688 or view our website –

About Practical Systems
With a proud history dating back to 1992, Practical Systems has been in the business of supporting regional enterprise and livestock producers for more than 25 years. We were the first to provide comprehensive farm operational management solutions, and we continue to learn from that experience to provide you with authoritative and credible business intelligence.

About Herefords Australia
Herefords Australia Limited, a not-for-profit organisation, represents the interests of stud and commercial Hereford breeders nationally. Herefords Australia provides a range of services to its Members to promote and enhance the development of the Hereford breed nationally and

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