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Stockbook is a comprehensive livestock management software that offers you the livestock intelligence within your operation by turning data into actionable information and help you make informed decisions and helps in avoiding costly mistakes and complete your daily tasks within tight deadlines.

Stockbook helps you record and manage your livestock health records for all your animals with ease.

Stockbook livestock management software makes it easy for even inexperienced stock owners to track individual livestock performance by measuring livestock traits and providing insights about productive and less productive animals.

Stockbook is not just for experienced producers, Practical Systems believes that one size does NOT fit all. We offer a product and price to meet your needs from smaller, single location operations to larger, multi-enterprise corporations.

Trusted Advice to unlock your livestock intelligence

Not only can Practical Systems offer you the solutions to help you manage today’s business performance, we’re also there to collaborate with you to drive your business forward.

With more than 25 years working with producers, Practical Systems can offer you all of that experience in applying technology solutions to agriculture industry problems. We take the time to understand your business objectives, breeding program and operational needs and then help you to devise a plan that navigates the risk and volatility of the market.

This experience also places Practical Systems in a good position to provide you trusted advice on the available and emerging technology solutions from across the market and around the world to fulfill our aim of bringing greater profitability to your livestock or farming operations.

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