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Do you want to know which enterprises are making you money?

With PS Farmbook you can compare your farm’s production against the cost of production to see the winners and losers in your business. PS Farmbook is a package for cropping, pastures, livestock (in mobs), machinery and weather. It gives you the ability to instantly track farm events, costs and returns so that you can continually develop and refine your farming business. Through easy to use worksheets, PS Farmbook allows you to track events and costs as they relate to your enterprise and provides gross margins per hectare/mob.

The software is an easy and intuitive program to use with over 70 analysis reports so you always know what’s going on. All your information at your fingertips.

It provides a simple and practical method of recording all details of the paddocks, mobs, crops and machinery so that analysed management and performance information can be produced using many reports.

Use PS Farmbook to:

  • Identify which enterprises are the most profitable
  • Identify all costs in your operation
  • Keep track of your livestock movement and current location
  • Manage compliance and quality assurance issues
  • View your property’s carrying capacity, gross margins, chemical inventory and much more