Sheep & beef cattle grazing

Mobile animal data management

StockHand Phone App

Stockhand app for $150/year

Save Time

Live data entry in the sheep and cattle yards, collect data directly from your Smart device, import data from third parties, for example carcase feedback.


Being able to collect the data on your smart phone/device ensures that your data is accurate.

Handheld livestock software for anywhere on the farm

Stockhand is a mobile software application, linked with our livestock management software Stockbook, that allows you to have detailed individual animal Information at your fingertips, to use with you smart phone or Tablet.

With Stockhand you can get information on your animals wherever you are and whenever you need it. Record data in the paddock quickly and accurately without the need for written notes then update your office computer easily.

Stockhand is a mobile application that allows you to carry your animal data around with you on any smart phone or tablet. Stockhand uses the animal records from Stockbook and must be run in conjunction with that program.

With Stockhand you can download all or a subset of the animal information you require from within  Stockbook.

Stockhand also provides you with the ability to enter data using a task based input system that enables you to quickly and easily add animal information whether you are in the yards, in the paddock or anywhere else for that matter.




Fiona Cameron

When Fiona Cameron first established Koonik Dohne Stud, she was attracted to traceability of the Dohne breed. “The Dohne Association has always been on the forefront of electronic identification, Dohnes...

Fiona Cameron