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Stockbook Agrisphere

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Stockbook Agrisphere from $112.50/month

Why Use Stockbook Agrisphere?

A total business management system for graziers incorporating data collection, on-farm decision making tools combined with seamless and efficient web access to professional third part decision support mechanisms

  • Enter data at Multiple locations simultaneously
  • Agrisphere Web-based reporting
  • Data can be entered while offline and then synchronised once you get Agrisphere
  • provides an off-site backup
  • Data is sent and stored securely 
  • The system can selectively report on individual data sets or combined data for group management purposes.
  • All data is encrypted and protected by login names and passwords.
  • Used by leading Stud and Commercial herd and flock operators throughout Australia and New Zealand

Collect animal data, analyse reports and improve herd productivity

Stockbook Agrisphere will allow multiple sites for data entry that is then sent to ‘the cloud’ (our server) and then can be accessed by other users if required.

Stockbook Agrisphere allows multiple users at a single time to enter data so you dont have to share backups between one another

 The benefits for you are:

  • Data can be entered and updated concurrently from multiple sites.
  • You can decide what data an individual’s computer see’s i.e an individual farm may only see their data, whereas head office will see all combined data.
  • When a ‘Sync’ is done, your local Stockbook is updated with the latest information from the cloud (our server).
  • Stockbook Agrisphere can be used ‘offline’ (i.e. in the yards without internet access. New data is simply ‘synced’ next time you hook up to the internet).

1. Why will Stockbook and individual animal management save money?

  • Save capital by reducing unproductive stock.
  • Analyse sire performance in terms of weight gain, fertility and any other profit driver.
  • Reduce husbandry costs by removing underperforming animals.
  • Reduce labour by removing underperforming animals.

2. How will Stockbook make me more money?

  • Not only can you predict likely turnoff weights, you know who will “fit the grid”.
  • By using our livestock management software PS Stockbook, you can maintain life time traceability and participate in the benefits available to EU producers.
  • Select sires that deliver to your breeding objective.
  • Make informed marketing decisions taking into account weights and prevailing market prices.
  • Practical Systems can help you write your own reports and catalogues, it’s all about understanding your business and meeting your needs and expectations.

Sample reports are available so that you can see how these benefits could apply to you.


Jock McLaren

Stud producers, like us at Nerstane, who do a lot with progeny testing and EBVs, could definitely get a lot out of Stockbook. It is user-friendly and reliable. Not...

Jock McLaren

Fraser James

Using a combination of accounting and individual animal software from Practical Systems, Fraser James can confidently make the right management decisions for his farming enterprise at Guy Fawkes Station,...

Fraser James

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