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The PS Knowledge Base is a 24/7 online support tool to improve efficiency and cut waiting time for our clients.
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With a standard licence you can have your program installed on up to three computers. 

Accountants who have clients who use Cashbook Plus! or Cashbook Platinum are entitled to a copy of the program, technical support and software upgrade at no cost.
Contact Practical Systems to receive your free accountant’s pack.

Our software is only compatible with a full version of windows tablets, laptops and desktops (Windows RT is not compatible). Practical Systems doesn’t have an app for its software.

Although we do have clients that run our software on Apple Macintosh computer using windows emulation software, Practical Systems cannot guarantee or support the use of our software under such a configuration. 

Within your program, go up to the Help menu and down to ‘About’.

Most Client IDs are five digits long and start with a zero.

To look up your Client ID open your program and go to File > Registration. 

Practical Systems programs can be Annual Subscription.

Annual Subscription
For an annual or monthly fee you receive:

The program you’ve subscribed to
Assistance from the Support team
Program upgrades
Data Warehouse
PS Knowledge Base

If you choose to cancel your subscription you no longer have access to any of the above.

All of our current programs are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Versions of our software that were released prior to 2010 will not work on Windows 7,8 & 10 operating systems.

For information regarding the PS Data Warehouse, click here

For information regarding the PS Bank Feed, click here

Clients who have chosen not keep their Practical Cover up-to-date have the option to pay for technical assistance as required. Each support inquiry is $165 per hour or part thereof. 

Keeping your Practical Cover up-to-date entitles you to access all major and minor upgrades throughout the year, keeping you current with the constantly changing data needs of the agricultural and financial aspects of your industry. Included in your support package is access to our help desk, along with our 24/7 support tool, the PS Knowledge Base.
Practical Cover works as follows:


12 months of Practical Cover is included in the purchase price of your software program. After this period you will receive an invoice for another 12 months of cover. This fee entitles you to all of the benefits listed above.

If you require assistance and you have allowed your Practical Cover to lapse, you have two options:

1) Pay for technical assistance from our help desk as required. Each support enquiry is $165 per hour.
2) Reinstate your Practical Cover. Cost is backdated and calculated based on when your cover expired.

It is far more economical and manageable to keep your Practical Cover up-to-date.
Upgrades, the Data Warehouse and the PS Knowledge Base are only available to clients whose Practical Cover is current.