You can do it the old way 

or the eWeigh…

eWeigh Livestock Weighing System – brought to you by Practical Systems

The eWeigh livestock weighing system is a BLE (Bluetooth) enabled animal weighing device that works in partnership with the iLivestock mobile app.

eWeigh connects to a range of existing load bars to provide a plug and play system that grows with your farm needs.

  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Fully integrated with the supporting iLivestock App
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery providing 24hrs life
  • Works seamlessly with a range of load bars
  • Firmware updated via the iLivestock app
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK, supported locally in Australia and New Zealand by Practical Systems

All eWeigh devices are supplied with a 1 year warranty.

eWeigh Benefits


eWeigh will update your farm records within the iLivestock app there and then (via Bluetooth). No need to struggle with downloading data, fiddling with files and uploading to another software package.


Update your eWeigh device from the iLivestock app, no cables required.

Supported locally with Practical Systems’ renowned service.


You don’t need to buy new hardware to get extra features as your eWeigh and iLivestock app allows simple progression via software updates.


eWeigh comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery so no need to worry about finding a mains supply. With a 24 hour run time, it will keep you going even if you forget to charge it after a weighing session.


We have designed the eWeigh to work with a range of load bars from different manufacturers, so no need to purchase new kit.

iLivestock mobile animal data management – brought to you by Practical Systems.

The iLivestock mobile app enables you to capture your core animal information easily and quickly. It uses the latest mobile device technology to help manage your flock or herd on the go.

Data can be input manually or via wireless transfer from an external device such as an EID stick reader direct to your smartphone. This innovative design, utilising technology already in your pocket, delivers a highly cost effective solution for recording animal information and movements. The iLivestock App provides:

  • Easy weight management utilising eWeigh integration
  • NLIS compliance for sheep & cattle
  • Breeding cycles
  • Treatments
  • EID integration
  • Cloud backup & restore
  • Ongoing updates to provide continuous improvements automatically.

iLivestock uses the existing technology in your pocket to provide you with cattle and sheep management software. Regular updates mean the livestock management software evolves with new technology and shouldn’t need replacing even when you update hardware.


Simply provide your email to access your free trial of iLivestock. Insert your email address in the box below and we will send you a link to access the iLivestock software free of charge. We will also send information about getting started with the eWeigh and iLivestock.