Frequently Asked Questions

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We are not forcing you to use the new process to credential your software access. You can still use your client Id to access the software. 

The changes to our processes are aimed at improving the security of your program and data whether this is kept on your local PC or on a remote server. 


Until now, you will have gained access to your Practical Systems program – and various other services such as data hosting, bank feeds, etc. – by using a client ID and a password to log in. 

We are changing this so that user access will instead occur by using a personal email address and a password to log in. 

Using a personal email address enables us to improve security and control over who has access to use your program and who can see your data.

** Please note that accessing your software by using a personal email address is not mandatory at this point in time and you can still access your software using your client id and password. 

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The new software credentialing process allows you to add multiple staff members. You will need to approve or deny their access. 

All users that require access to the software will need to establish an account with Practical Systems. 

When the new user has accessed the credentialing process the primary account holder will need to grant access to allow the user to access the software.  

For assistance, please contact our support desk on 1800 624 688 or email

Customers who have chosen to allow their subscription to lapse will automatically have access to their software closed on the expiry date of the subscription.

To prevent expiry of your software subscription, please ensure you pay for your subscription before the expiry date. 

If you have forgotten your password you can follow the steps in the below knowledge base article.

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For further assistance contact our support desk on 1800 624 688 or email

If your email address has changed you will need to contact our support desk on 1800 624 688 or email

Yes, for you to access the latest version of your software and to use the new credentialling method, you will need to have access to the internet. 

The PS data warehouse is included in your Practical Systems software subscription. To access the data warehouse, you must have internet access. 

If you have undertaken the new user credentialing process, to access your backup file, you will need to use your email address and password. 

If you have NOT undertaken the new process, then there is no change to how you access your backup files using your client id and password.