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Operational insights through real-time data

Practical Systems brings data science to the art of livestock management to provide insights that enable you to leverage the value of information embedded in your operations. With long industry experience but personal understanding of livestock handling Practical Systems is best placed to help you deliver continuous improvement to your operations.

Solutions for bookkeeping & financial management

Practical Systems provides financial software solutions across the spectrum of your business needs from simple transaction recording to operational management to statutory reporting and advanced decision support. Cashbook supports all your bookkeeping and financial management requirements with full control over your data.

Solutions for livestock management

Practical Systems provides livestock intelligence to support risk analysis and management decision making in real time. Your livestock likely represents the largest asset by value in your business and extracting fractions of improvement in operational efficiency can yield substantial returns to your profitability. 


Solutions for farm operations

Farm operations extend beyond the livestock yards. Practical Systems provides software for land mapping, pasture and grazing management. Talk to us about integrating the data streams available in your business to provide decision support to on-farm management.