Client Support




There will be occasions where you will require assistance due to hardware failure, virus attack, power interruption or simply gaps in overall knowledge or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Our focus is to provide proactive support via

  • PS Knowledge Base –  an online support tool available 24/7 for our clients whose Practical Cover or Subscription is up to date.
  • Product upgrades – We are committed  to continually develop our programs in response to changing industry requirements, changes to operating platforms, eg Windows 8, and changes to compliance requirements.
  • Help desk – phone 1800 624 688 or email

The most important thing to do if you are having any problems is please TALK TO US


Customer support policy

Important Notice: There are occasions where you will be required to send us your data to be repaired by one of our team members.

On these occasions you will not be able to work on your data unless specifically advised.

Should you continue to work on your data whilst we are completing a repair, the backup you sent us then becomes redundant as once restored it will override your recent additions.

Data repair is included in your Practical Cover or Annual Subscription on the first occasion. If Practical Systems is required to repair the same data for a second time that repair is not included in your agreement and will incur a repair fee of $165.00 per hour or part there off.