Our bookkeepers can give you accurate,
up-to-date information about your financial situation so you can make those business decisions with confidence.

Bookkeeping and BAS Services

Keeping an accurate tab on your cash flow and tax obligations is essential when you’re in business. Get back to what you enjoy, and let us do the paperwork.  We can take care of your business needs, processing data, recording expenses, bank reconciliations, loan repayments, and so much more. 

Basic Service

We will review your reconciled Cashbook transactions and lodge your BAS, making sure you are paying the correct GST, PAYG and PAYG instalments.

Standard Service

Once you’ve entered your transactions into Cashbook, we will reconcile Cashboook against your bank statements and prepare and lodge your BAS.

Full Service

We tailor our services to your business needs. We will work with you and take care of your data entry, reconciliation, and your BAS lodgement. 

Basic Service

Review and BAS lodgement service.
$ 190 PER BAS
  • The requirements for this package are:
  • You have a current subscription to your financial software
  • All reconciliations are recorded.

Standard Service

Reconcile and BAS lodgement service.
$ 290 PER BAS
  • The requirements for this package are:
  • You have a current subscription to your financial software
  • All transactions are entered.

Full Service

Data Entry, Reconciliation and BAS lodgement service.
  • The requirements for this package are:
  • You have a current subscription to your financial software


You are at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing personalised support to help you get the most out of your selected product or to help solve problems if they arise. Our team is available to provide real-time support either over the phone, through live-link to your screen or through email. You can count on Practical Systems to be there with you at each step.


Our bookkeeping services provide you with detailed insights to help ensure your business goals are being achieved. If you need a specific view of your business that has not been created, we can also help create that for you. We supplement these on-screen insights with consulting and advisory services that can help you further optimise your operation.

Data sharing

Suppose you need to share data and insights across different people and across locations. In that case, our hosting options allow you to control access to members of your organisation so you can share data in real-time. 


Practical Systems has been in the business of supporting all sizes of businesses, from small to multi-national enterprises, for more than 25 years. Our service is 100% confidential, and your business transactions are secure.  

Timely and Customised Service

Sometimes you need an external resource to help run your bookkeeping. Other times your internal team needs a sounding board. Our service allows us to provide a wide range of functions to handle almost any transaction or data recording need in your business.

Value for money

Practical Systems believes that one size does NOT fit all. We offer a product and price to meet your needs from smaller, single location operations to larger, multi-enterprise corporations.