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Practical Systems has been building small business and Agriculture software since 1992.

We are an Ag software company that develops and distributes:

 - Livestock Software
 - Farm Software
 - Farm Planning Software
 - Farm and Ag Financial Accounting Software

Our software collects your data and analyses it to provide you with information that:

»  Shows you which parts of your business are the most profitable - and why
»  Makes it simple to manage your finances and your livestock
»  Helps your farm planning by mapping and costing your property’s operations - and test-drive improvements

Integrates with existing data collection systems + covers all management compliance and data > you're in control

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Case studies and tesimonials

Stud producers, like us at Nerstane, who do a lot with progeny testing and EBVs, could definitely get a lot out of Stockbook
Jock McLaren

At Allied Beef, accurate information is crucial for benchmarking and the traceability of our production systems, with a view to improving the supply chain going forward.
James Maclean (Allied Beef)

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